Thank Yous and Other Anxiety-Inducing Scenarios


I started this blog just a few weeks ago with no expectation other than to dust off my 21 year old journalism degree and to do something other than play Candy crush online when sitting on my couch at night. Only a few posts in and my blog about a photo of a goose feather  (  )got picked to be featured on Freshly Pressed. I went from two followers to two-hundred in three days.

And then it hit me like a Security breach warning – This blog is self aware.


Cue the performance anxiety and self-deprecating warning to everyone I encounter on how long it’s been since I’ve written anything and please don’t judge me for not using a semi-colon properly. I mean what if that was my best post and I’ve already peaked and I am already on my downward spiral to instant has-been party of one?

I know, I know, more self-deprecating thinking but is it weird that it helps me to know that more than half of my 377 followers are spammer/phishing accounts? Or that another 50 -100 will unfollow/ ignore me once they have had their fill of my dogs dressed as people photos that I will absolutely be posting? And then of course there are the 41 family and friends that are following me out of pure obligation and will only click on this page prior to seeing me at social gatherings or Thanksgiving dinner to be able to say they had “read” it.

So that leaves 47 of you. The 47 actual living, breathing, literate humans who may or may not actually be reading these word-type things I will be clickety-clacking into my keyboard. So, basically the equivalent of an over-crowded elementary classroom of peers watching me show ‘n tell my collection of broken sand dollars and horse figurines. Whew, what a relief! For a couple days there I was worried I was actually going to have to entertain the masses. And just as I was about to refill my RX of Xanax from 2009, I watched my blog stats plummet from 400+ views a day to 11 in less than a week. And I was like, yeah…this is more like it. Bathing in a sea of mediocrity is more my speed.  Don’t get me wrong, popularity is nice and all, but there is a fine line between being liked and getting hate comments on your photo of your dogs in bunny ears…

Easter buddies

 (Yes, I did and no, I’m not sorry!)

As a photographer putting my photos out there is easier, hiding behind a camera feels safer than pouring your thoughts onto the world wide web. However, I am so grateful to technology for making this incessant  need to create impossible to avoid. So I am putting the fear of failure aside and thank the kind people of for dragging me out from under my bed and pushing me to go out and play with all of you fine folks.

*slowly raises head out from under desk and peers around cautiously*

So this is my sincere thank you for following me based on one post and no guarantee that any future posts will be worth your clicks and giggles.  You all make me want to be a better blogger…or maybe just a little less lazy.  Either way, thanks for hitting the follow button at the top of this page.

p.s. Oh and no, I am not interested in what I am sure is your most excellent strategy for making money by just blogging! I am perfectly comfortable living in squalor with all my dog hair and my $1.07  checking account balance. It’s kind of my thing!


23 thoughts on “Thank Yous and Other Anxiety-Inducing Scenarios

  1. You received HATE email/comments for your doggy photo? sheesh. Some people need to learn how to internet better.

    I hereby solemnly promise to lurk when I notice your appearance in my newsfeed ^_-

    • well not on here, but i did on instagram and facebook. people thought it was cruel to do to my dogs. And I get it, but really? as if any dog was taken from their owner for being forced to sit for a photo in bunny ears!

      Thank you!!! Glad to be lurked at! 🙂

  2. It’s a pleasure to be part of such a small but elite group!
    And about the dogs—I just bought the old movie Homeward Bound. Our dogs will walk thousands of miles to get to us, I don’t think they mind 5 minutes in bunny hats for a photo op.
    Haters gonna hate. Do we care???

    • YEAH! that’s what i say, my pets have a great life and cost me lots of money to keep happy, so the least they can do is entertain me right? By the way i dress my horse up for pictures too. Nobody is safe from a photo op in my house!

  3. You had me laughing the entire time! Aaaaand…did you know you can make money knitting dog fur? Let me know if you’re interested in this fur-oppotunity. har har

      • We have orange fur rolling around the house like fur tumble weeds….that I immediately clean up, because our home is pristine. ha ha…eh-hem
        Eskies are so cute! Do you have a FURminator?

  4. awww LOL!
    and I love your doggy photos! ❤
    I like to dress my cats up once in a while hehehehe (IG: diaryofpaqs)
    So what?!?!? 😀

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