Hey, is this thing on?

My post yesterday never showed up in the reader feed. So I am checking to see if this will actually show up.

It can be one of 3 things:

  • a glitch in the wordpress.com system that I already have a conversation going with the fine people here about.
  • All 449 of my followers are experiencing a world-wide system failure but are desperate to read all about my dog’s cone of shame.
  • Or my post about his unfortunate “undercarriage” procedure was just pushing it too far as subject matter. (sorry about that)

I am hoping for the glitch. I don’t wish any harm on my fellow bloggers and the later just would just reinforce my fear of rejection.



16 thoughts on “Hey, is this thing on?

    • oh thank you. i reposted it finally, never found out why it didn’t post in the first place.

      thank you and you will figure it out. just start and see what comes out! I have like 25 drafts, things and thoughts that pop in my head and i just start with a title, or a sentence and let it develop! you can do it!

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