May the fourth be with you

This is one of my favorite fake holidays of the year. It’s better than Administrative Professionals Day but not as cool as Senior Ditch Day. I was hardly 8 years old when my mom took me to see Episode IV: A New Hope in the theatre. I remember young Luke Skywalker on that screen with his hair blowing in the Tatooine desert wind and had me at “I want to be a Jedi like my father!”


Unlike Mark Hamel’s good looks, my love for the saga never died. I’m not so much an attend Comi-con in a gold bikini fan, but more of a watch a Sunday marathon on spike for the 20th year in a row. I can recite all three movies by heart. My husband isn’t nearly as impressed with this as I would have hoped. He definitely married me for reasons other than my obnoxious ability to quote endless amounts of 80’s movie dialogue.

I don’t have collectibles (because that might turn into hoarding) or attend sci-fi conventions. But if I had a dollar for every time I used my Star Wars knowledge to save an extremely awkward date, I would have enough money to buy myself a 2 for 99 cents tacos at Jack In The Box on my way home from that date.

I grew up assuming everyone could speak wookie and only found out in college that having this talent made me popular at parties. Chewbacca-ing out really impressed drunk people and even a few people of the competitive water polo playing variety *wink*.


Once Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back came out I was over Luke and his darker hair and that whole weird crush on his sister thing and started my lifelong one-sided love affair with Han Solo. That scruffy-looking Nerf Herder was my obsession for years. My crush continued to follow him right into Blade Runner and Indiana Jones.


Is it me or were the 80’s the platinum age of adventure movies? Because it sure was chocked-full of light saber wielding, dreamy leading man romancing, kick-ass princessing, Light vrs. Dark side battling fun!

I have a glimmer of Hope for the next movies. I have no doubt that JJ Abrams can make a great movie, but being able to re capture that magic that was in the first three films is what I doubt. No matter what happens they can never take the originals from us.

Oh and this was my favorite Star Wars Day meme on the inter webs today. My favorites are collapsed At-At and reclined Jabba.




19 thoughts on “May the fourth be with you

  1. Yes! Holy cow! Love the poster. I’m guessing it isn’t annoying in the slightest watching 80’s movies, like all the Star Wars movies, with me, as I parcel out the lines 5 seconds before they’re said. Fun times. “And I thought they smelled bad…on the outside.”

    • It must be an 80’s kid’s disease. “The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.”
      Don’t even get me started on any John Hughes films!
      “Donger’s here for five hours, and he’s got somebody. I live here my whole life, and I’m like a disease.”

      • “Dong? Dong? Where’s my automobile?” Yep, I can do this all day. …and it wouldn’t feel like a wasted day.

  2. The Star Wars yoga killed me. I loved this post ^^ I’m a bit nervous about the next installment if I’m going to be honest, but that’s just because I’m a purist. The originals are still my favorites. My curiosity will totally get me into theaters though 😉

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