I Am Dandelion, Hear Me Roar!

Hi, we are life sucking weeds disguised as adorable flowers.

Hi, we are life sucking weeds disguised as adorable little  flowers …sorry about your lawn #sorrynotsorry.

Dandelions are the weed we give a stay of execution to so that we can postpone weeding until they turn into those adorable fluffy white lollipops that are destined to suffer their dramatic explosive slo-motion death of Oliver Stone proportions.


We may be dying but we make it look good!

There is something about these little guys that make a picture just a little bit sassier. They are the happy go lucky hippie distant cousins of the stuffy over-achieving roses that hog up all of summer’s glory. Let’s be honest, who would you rather party with? That fun chick who shows up, gets drunk and laughs and dances all night and forgets her jacket and shoes in your bathroom, or the pretty girl with the prickly personality who sits in the corner and talks shit about everybody’s outfit?

Yeah, exactly.


Our girl Alice was once accused of being a weed by those bitchy Wonderland flowers. Roses are the mean girls of the garden.

If I were a weed I would be a dandelion. I would rather be queen of all weeds than just another face in the royal rosebush.

I am a Dandy Lion, what's up now bitches?

Weeds rule and Roses drool! WORD to your gardener!










11 thoughts on “I Am Dandelion, Hear Me Roar!

  1. so cute!
    I just got a dandelion tattoo two nights ago. Oops!
    haha, yay to ‘happy go lucky hippie’ 😉

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