Friday Five: Happy Colorado Day!

Hey Colorado It’s your birthday. Your 138th as a matter of fact.  I have lived here for 2 years now and am really starting to feel  like I am embracing the Rocky Mountain state as if I actually belong. I even recently bought a Colorado flag throw pillow for my couch! So check me out!

So today is as good as any to celebrate with a non-corporate chai latte from one of the 400 local coffee shops here in Fort Collins as I list the top 5 reasons why I love it here:

5. Sunsets: Because they never get old and I don’t care how much people get sick of me posting them on Instagram!



4. Wildlife: Like the herd of 100 antelope that I have to stop my car for on a weekly basis to allow to cross the road. Or the the dozens of baby geese outside my front door. Or maybe it is the 5 Moose I see on my drive to Steamboat Springs. Foxes and Elk and big horn sheep, OH MY!


3. Aspens: Because I am obsessed with them and if hugging an Aspen is wrong then I don’t want to be a middle-aged white woman hiking through mud in my flip flops to get one last shot of their shimmery goodness.


2. Wide Open Space: Back in my beloved So Cal, a pasture was considered any open patch of dirt that was over  24 x 24 feet in size. Now my Sunny girl lives on a 66 acre spread and has never been so happy to be able to run in a straight line( and she even gets tired from doing it!)

sunny sunset

So much space happening here.  #runsunnyrun

1. Weather: I lived 40 years of my life with 2 seasons: Sunroof season, and Sunroof with the AC set on high season. Now I enjoy 4 seasons a year of watching the leaves change, the snow fall, and the grass grow greener and taller than my head. I am notorious for storm chasing after lightning, blizzards, rainbows, and even a few suspiciously rotating clouds. Colorado even gives you 300 days of blue sky to make up for making you scrape a foot of snow off your car the day before! 


You know what is at the end of a Colorado Rainbow? Probably another rainbow because they are everywhere.


Blue skies on a winter day.


Don’t like the summer heat? Just wait until 3 o’clock for the daily storm.


Want fall color? Yeah, we got that.


Happy Birthday Colorado!



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