Friday Five: Happy Colorado Day!

Hey Colorado It’s your birthday. Your 138th as a matter of fact.  I have lived here for 2 years now and am really starting to feel  like I am embracing the Rocky Mountain state as if I actually belong. I even … Continue reading

Hey, is this thing on?

My post yesterday never showed up in the reader feed. So I am checking to see if this will actually show up.

It can be one of 3 things:

  • a glitch in the system that I already have a conversation going with the fine people here about.
  • All 449 of my followers are experiencing a world-wide system failure but are desperate to read all about my dog’s cone of shame.
  • Or my post about his unfortunate “undercarriage” procedure was just pushing it too far as subject matter. (sorry about that)

I am hoping for the glitch. I don’t wish any harm on my fellow bloggers and the later just would just reinforce my fear of rejection.


Why I want a Dragon and a Direwolf

As I prepare to watch the season 4 opener of Game Of Thrones, I am already worried as to how I will ever survive the anxiety ridden 42 weeks until season 5. I watched all 3 seasons this weekend as a little pre game warm up.

I know that characters I love will die (they always do) and the characters I hate will survive ( Sansa told us they always will) and all the expected bloodshed in between will ensue. So as Arya makes her lists before she sleeps of her enemies, I take my own stock of Westeros and my own “prayers” if you will.

My thoughts going into season :

Long live Tyrion and his cunning wit. Good things, make that REALLY good things come in small packages on this show. He is our brilliant and human Lanister. He outsmarts his adversaries with the charm of Han Solo and the wisdom of Yoda. If a Lanister must run King’s Landing then please Gods of old and new, let it be him.

Run Sansa Run. Go anywhere, but just go. Lord Balish is a manipulative turd but if he takes you away from that snake pit then you will still be better off than as the whipping girl of King Joffrey. As much as Tyrion will do his best to protect you, this is no life for the most beautiful girl in King’s Landing. Get outta dodge girl and take all those brocade gowns with you because they are fierce!

Cersi makes Malificent look like your sweet Aunt Buffy. I have a deep hatred for this woman and she reminds me of what would be the equivalent of Vicky if this show was The Real Housewives of Fictional 2nd Century Europe. She and her wine-induced scheming and manipulating. Her secrets are nuclear and If I were her, I would pray that the Dragons do come, because only dragon fire could destroy the evidence of her nastiness!

Joffrey should just die, but he won’t. That kid is just a genetically screwed up mess. His insides are so twisted and black that only the build up of many years of his evil doings will make his demise so incredibly sweet. My fear is that it will not be horrible enough when it comes. But like winter, it WILL come. The monster must die.

Arya is my girl. I just pray her name each night and that she survives to become a kick ass assassin and checks off her enemies one by one with stealth-like precision. She should be the poster girl for all young girls today. She has a real fire in her belly and just might be the last one standing at the end. I would be okay with that. So please don ‘t kill her Mr. Martin, pretty please?

Daenerys haunts my dreams. She is the( in my opinion)  rightful heir to the iron throne. She is the mother of dragons and this is all the convincing that I need. She will take that throne by fire and blood and I am really hoping that happens sooner than later. I just wonder if she will end up with the hot new mercenary Daario, or if she will give her heart to Jorah, her loyal confidant.

These are my wishes for season 4 and I am sure most of them will not come true. I will snuggle under my blanket and watch whilst holding my breath to see who survives episode one.

Stay tuned my lords and ladies for the night is dark and full of terrors!