Friday Five: Happy Colorado Day!

Hey Colorado It’s your birthday. Your 138th as a matter of fact.  I have lived here for 2 years now and am really starting to feel  like I am embracing the Rocky Mountain state as if I actually belong. I even … Continue reading

Sunny’s Side of Life


Splendor in the grass.

Have you seen Sunny Bear the Wonder Horse?

NO? Well you should because she is all that and a bag of apples.

Sunny is my largest beast and this week is her birthday. Her 19th in fact, which is 76 in horse years. What is a horse year? Not sure, but it’s somewhere between dog and tortoise years.  Sunny is considered middle-aged but she’s still in her prime (and by prime I mean clocking 18 hours of sleep a day and hasn’t put in a good day’s work since 2005).

Our Miss May 2014 is a natural blonde, 16 hands tall (that is 64 inches in horse speak), weighs a whopping 1500 lbs and can bench press your fancy thoroughbred with ease. She is a draft mix made up of 50% Percheron and 50% Haflinger and ALL bombshell!

She enjoys, grazing on fresh grass after a spring rain and long naps between 10 am and Noon because breakfast is exhausting!


  • Apple with the cores cut out. We don’t do cores.
  • Scritching (not to be confused with scratching, there IS a difference) on her face. If you just hold up your hand/brush she will actually do all the work for you.
  • You wanna make out?

    You wanna make out?

  • Her lesbian lover Rhea with whom she shares a sprawling 8 acre pasture and 2-horse barn.

Oh I’m sorry is our relationship threatening your horses’ marriage?

  • Naps in the sun.
  • Rolling in a pile of manure immediately after a good grooming.
  • Look mom, I'm rolling in poop!

    Look mom, I’m rolling in my own poop!

  • Don the guy in the white truck that brings her an over-abundance of delicious hay.
  • Sneezing on freshly laundered clothing.

Exercise- why shovel in all those calories just to waste them on running around?
Wind-It musses up her luxurious long blonde locks.
Gray Horses- just ask the Arabian she almost decapitated for merely looking in her direction.
Flies – because honestly, who doesn’t hate flies?
People who call her fat- she prefers “curvy”.
Medicine, even if hidden deep in a spoonful of sugar coated with more sugar.


Hey Mom, this apple flavored de-wormer tastes like apple flavored feet wrapped in a moldy beach towel.

Sunny may very well be the most documented horse in all of Colorado with an international following. * She is a big hit with horse lovers in Scandinavia, which makes sense…because blondes! She has over 260 friends on Facebook and even her very own stalker who has been blocked for conduct unbecoming of a grown-ass man.

Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful.

Horse Selfie #nomakeup

Sunny is my original muse, she came before my dogs, and even before my husband. She is my therapist and best friend till the end who never shooshes me when I sing when out on a ride (she prefers Alt rock and 90’s pop hits).  I have loved horses since my dad put me on my first one at 3 years old. I dreamed of having a gorgeous flaxen-maned horse growing up and in 2001 I got the horse of my dreams.

I have been told we look alike...nope I don't see it.

Some say we even look alike…nope I don’t see it.

Happy Birthday Sunny Bear…now go out and get a job already.

Everyday is Sunday in Sunny's world.

Everyday is Sunday in Sunny’s world.


*You can like her page on Facebook @Sunny Bear the Wonder horse, or on Instagram @ trishkthedish for more shameless pictures of her eating grass and napping.







Blank Horizons for the Cluttered Soul


I like simplicity and symmetry. I would even go as far as to say I am a minimalist.  I blame my grandmothers house for this. She is a collector of crap, just piles upon piles of clutter in every corner of her home when I was a kid. Worthless items and trinkets and paperback romance novels covered in a layer of thick dust. (I also blame her for my allergies but that is another trip to the Ear Nose and Throat specialist altogether).

I hated it as a kid, it was like chaos in a box. My grandmother is an awesome lady but a zen master of organization she is not. The woman cannot throw anything away. Her Cherokee name should be “Woman who never knows when she might need that Garfield cookie jar someday”.  Her collection of nick-knacks, dishes, and worthless junk makes me itchy all over*. I figure this is why I hate crowds and doll collections and curio cabinets filled with spoons from around the world and blown glass menageries. Let’s not get started on rear car windows filled with stuffed animals, because we will be here all day. (Pay no attention to the photo below of my dog camouflaged in a sea of polar bear plushies because it’s beside the point!)

Tahoe and the Bears

I now realize how this affects my photography. I find that it is hard for me to photograph images where there is a lot going on in the background. Hard to focus on what I am trying to capture. I tend to gravitate to blank canvases. This is why I love shooting the beaches in California back home, just lots of big open sky and an infinite horizons.


 It just undoes the knots in my soul. It uncomplicates me by feeding my need to be without clutter, because a clutter-free me is a better me… have I mentioned that I hate clutter? I find that there is no shortage of wide open space  here in Colorado. I can’t get enough of the sprawling rolling fields of winter’s white, spring’s green and late summer’s gold.


 Just a giant blue sky and the only clutter to be found is those pesky clouds littering the sky. I can spend hours on the back of my horse with camera strapped to my back taking it all in.


…And sometimes just downloading mental pictures is all I need to cure the woes of the day.


*I still love you Grandma!