My Pot ‘o Golden: Nuggets of Wisdom Bodhe Has Taught Me

Look ma! I'm a unicorn!

Look ma! I’m a unicorn!

My golden Retriever Bodhe is smarter than he looks. Let’s face it, he is more likely to be mistaken for Brad Pitt before a Harvard grad anytime soon. However, he has his moments of enlightenment and resembles a more hairy slobbery kind of Buddha.  I admit at times his wisdom is kept a deep secret when he is chasing his tail or licking the sliding glass door. However, there are times when he becomes the master and I his student.

This week when I made him stop chasing rabbits to pose under a rainbow in our front yard, it occurred to me that my furry buddy has taught me a few tricks in the first two years of his life:

Always greet the day with a smile.
I am not a morning person, but that is never going to stop my dog from waking at the first sign of light with a giant goofy grin and wagging tail ready to face the day. Each day is a clean slate to him; an opportunity to face a new day with a head full of optimism and morning breath.

Hey mom, mom, mommy, ma, mom, mom, mom, you up yet mom?

Hey mom, mom, mommy, ma, mom, mom, mom…wake up it’s Wednesday!

I wake up in the middle of the night to always find our smaller dog sleeping in Bodhe’s large bed while he will sleep curled up and spilling out of her tiny bed. He knows she likes that giant bed and he gives it up for her every night. No questions asked. Same goes for his favorite toys. Because life is too short to fight over gutted stuffies and denta-bones.

Run Bodhe Run.
Twice a day like clockwork Bodhe tears around the house or yard as fast as he can until he is exhausted and then he runs some more. No reason, just runs a figure 8 route through my living room while we all clear any breakables from his path. Once he is finished he collapses depleted on the floor for a total body nap, free of stress and any worries of that tennis ball stuck under the couch.  If I could just release tension in my life by running in circles for 10 min I would spend less time yelling at myself in my own head (or watching the Oprah Network).

I am wildman, see me run!

I am wildman, see me run!

Play nice with others.
Are the other dogs pushing your buttons? Feeling pressured to play rough with others? If there is a dog pile at the dog park, chances are Bodhe is at the bottom of that pile, belly up and tongue waggin’. Never let them get your goat. Nothing they can do if you won’t fight back. And this is why he was voted “most likely to never have an enemy”…okay well maybe the vacuum cleaner, but that guy started it!

It's a doggy dance party!

It’s a doggy dance party!

Drink more water. 
Hydration is key here folks. Just when you think that water bowl you cleaned and filled was enough, you find Mr. Waterbug face deep in the toilet lapping away. Bodhe prides himself on his record breaking 90 second pee pee’s, as he should, give that kid a sash and crown for the shiny coat and clean bill of health for washing his insides out! Let’s be honest, when was the last time you actually drank 8 glasses of water in a day? exactly.

Always say please and thank you.

Bodhe knows he will get dinner on the 8’s in our home and he patiently sits and stares at us until he is asked what he want’s and he simply replies with a hearty bark. Dinner is served. Wining and kvetching will get you stink eye in this world. Just ask nicely.
Oh and don’t forget to be thankful, my boy never misses an opportunity to thank me after a meal, with a nice girthy belch.

You’re welcome.

Poop 3 times a day.
I mean honestly, carrying around your crap all day is no way to live. Literally and figuratively, so just let it go.

No seriously, just let it all go.



11 thoughts on “My Pot ‘o Golden: Nuggets of Wisdom Bodhe Has Taught Me

  1. This post is so cute!
    The stay hydrated part reminds of my dog, Colin who always finds water around the yard to drink, yet hardly does from his own bowl. He`s a weirdo.

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