Humor is my coping mechanism. Not that everything I will write will be funny, so low expectations are appreciated. I have more animals than one woman should own (but no cats!) and they are horrible editors so I apologize ahead of time.  Photography is my passion and writing is my outlet. There is no theme here, just random crap that runs through my head as I walk my dogs, binge watch shows on Netflix and stop traffic to take a picture of a tree on the side of the road. So sorry if that was you I cut off yesterday!



19 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m so over the moon to have discovered you today! I never read Freshly Pressed. I hardly read other blogs which is a true confession you must take to your grave because I know it is bad-form and poor Blog etiquette. But I followed you because I laughed out loud at your post and then your About page won me over. I kind of painted myself into a corner on my blog, but I plan to bust out as soon as the paint dries. I love dogs, and lost my 16 year old cocker spaniel a few years ago. I plan to live vicariously through you until I get another. So post lots of photos and share the dog love.
    Have a great day.

    • Oh thank you Kelly! that makes me feel so great that you connected with it that much! Thank you so much for the kind words and feedback! Always nice to know people are actually reading and not just looking at the pictures! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. I’m “one of those” who runs around chasing my animals or bees with my camera as well. My friends and family think I’m nuts and tend to get annoyed with me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

    I love this picture so much. The purple flowers are gorgeous with the white feather and the soft hues of sunset in the background. I can see why it blew up on Instagram. I had to giggle at your story about your mom-feather-parasites. I totally expected you to tell us how she said feathers are good luck and signify you’re on the right path. Can you tell what MY mom told me growing up? So funny, these perceptions we adopt.

    Anyway, nice post AND photo!!

  3. Your humor is delightful. Thus, I have nominated you for a Liebster Award.
    If you’d like to participate, 11 questions for you to answer as well as a few instructions can be found: http://euphoniccharity.com/2014/04/25/1322/

    Even if you don’t want to participate in the full Liebster process, I really would be interested in hearing your answers to some of the questions ^_^

    • Oh wow and thank you? Finally had some time to read all that is involved with this nomination and it is due to extreme laziness and genetically infused procrastination that I will never be able to do all those things before Christmas ( 2016!) so here are my answers as my best effort at showing my gratitude for the nomination!

      I would use the scissors to stab anyone who tried to eat my pizza because all pizza is mine in my mind.
      I would sing Starlight by Muse but in a crooner style. I would never win.
      Total gatherer. I can’t even gut a fish.
      Forgot loops- because me.
      Everyone knows Bigfoot died in a tragic sweat lodge incident.
      Clear. Because I always wanted to draw invisible stick people.
      People. People are the worst thing about humanity. They ruin everything.
      Michonne all the way! I’m a die hard fan from day 1 Comics and all.
      My dog cries at his reflection in the tv screen. (Sorry I didn’t get the question.)
      I like your Snarcasm posts especially the hate mail one! It was so awesome!!!

      Thank you again. It is beyond flattering that anyone even reads my blog, but to “award” it is pretty cool beans!!

      • Thank you! Wonderful answers!!! 🙂

        The wolf cry to the blue corn moon is a line from “Colors of the Wind” in the Disney movie Pocahontas.

        My favorite character is Daryl. I wouldn’t mind if the name of the show was changed to “The walking Daryl” ^_~

        Thanks for answering the questions! (Agreed–it’s ridiculously time consuming!)

    • Thank you for the nomination, not sure I am eligible anymore if I have more than a certain number of followers but I am going to answer your questions anyway!!
      First of all, my phone. Duh! I would actually die!
      I can’t pick one…too hard my mind races between whales, bees and polar bears!
      Any one with a beach and an IV of coconut rum straight to my vein.
      A cool 20 million will do.
      Moon because I would weigh only like 29 lbs!
      Full length shearling coat.
      Dancing at my wedding reception.
      Thank you again for the nod! 🙂

      • Lol the rules are confusing, some say 200, some say 300 and the version passed on to me said 1000!
        Haha good choice.
        But which one is the most loved? 😛
        Haha!…Oops forgot the IPad as a choice lol.
        That must have been the most awesome feeling 😀
        You’re welcome and say hi to your poor but recovering dog from me!

    • thank you for the nomination! due to the fact that I am one of the laziest people in the history of blogging, It would take months for me to actually do all the things the Leibster award requires of me. However I will be happy to answer your awesome questions (and thank you for picking good ones!)

      1. I started this blog because there are blogs that are constantly being written in my head and I figured I better start typing them out.
      2. my favorite post was probably about my dog being neutered https://justsomedish.wordpress.com/2014/04/26/a-farewell-to-balls/
      3. I just do not write. I don’t do pressure or deadlines.
      4. Right here in colorful Colorado. this place rules.
      5. Running my own organic farm
      6. My mother but didn’t realize it until well after my teens.
      7. Hands down the Last book in the Twilight series. – I am still mad at myself for that one…
      8. Dog, DUH!
      9. Lake Tahoe with friends back in 2005
      10. Be your own blogger.
      11. In everything. My inner dialogue is never ending.

      Thanks again!

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